Meet and Greet

Behind every great man, there’s a woman to talk sense into him - or so it seems at One World Enterprises. Co-Founders Jeff Mease and Helen “Lennie” Busch have worked together nearly 30 years, spending their entire adult lives balancing one another (don’t do the math). They’re the harmonious Yin and Yang of One World Enterprises.

Jeff Mease - Co-Founder, CEO, and “Yang”

Jeff MeaseJeff grew up in his family’s business, a grocery store in small-town Warren, Ohio. Having inherited his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to start his own pizza delivery business while still a student at Indiana University. The ideas came fast and furious, and luckily he had Lennie to help him turn his vision into a workable plan. Following the success of Pizza X, Jeff continued to innovate, with Lennie’s, Bloomington Brewing Company, One World Catering, and Loesch Farm adding to the One World Enterprises family. A typical Scorpio, Jeff is bursting with creative energy and a consuming passion for sustainability and local flavor.

Lennie Busch - Co-Founder, CFO, and “Yin”

lennieLennie lives to organize. Nothing pleases her more than every file in its drawer and every checklist marked off. A meticulous Virgo, she’s the perfect counterpoint to Jeff’s sometimes frantic creative spirit. Lennie hails from Buffalo, NY - by way of Cincinnati and Morgantown, West Virginia - but Bloomington is her favorite place of all, as she says “there’s a little bit of everything for everybody.” Over the years, Lennie has done everything but brew beer for One World Enterprises, so she's the one who knows precisely where to find everything and how to get each job done.








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