If Fred Rogers were a family of dining establishments, we’d like to think he’d look a bit like us. Bloomington is our own Neighborhood of Make Believe, and its nonprofits, sports teams, and cultural events are as beloved as any trolley or King Friday. While corporate chains are dumping money into advertising and staring at their bottom line, we’d rather tread softly in our indoor shoes and sing, “Please, won’t you be my neighbor?”

In 2010, the answer was a most satisfying “Yes,” as Lennie’s received the Indiana Restaurant Association’s “Good Neighbor Award.” The year before was our 20th in business and we celebrated with a giant fundraiser for Hoosier Hills Food Bank, WonderLab, and Stone Belt. For three days, we gave 100% of our profits to these organizations, with the hope of raising $5,000 for each. The community responded with such enthusiasm that we far surpassed our goal and wound up with $8,700 for each organization.

Not every day can be our 20th birthday, but we’re always trying to give back through ongoing partnerships with organizations like community pantry Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, Indiana University Student Foundation (which provides scholarships for working students), and the incomparable Lotus Education and Arts Foundation. We also sponsor IU Men's Soccer - a team that, like us, is just a little off the beaten path, but hard working and committed to a vision.

Just as we’re devoted to the people and passions of Bloomington, we’re also invested in preserving our community’s resources. Read here for more information about our commitment to sustainability.

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